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nandiganavishal May 12, 2013 20:30

compute volume integral of a scalar variable
Dear Foamers,

I would like to numerically compute the volume integral of my scalar variable defined as C1 over the entire domain.

integrate(C1(x,y,z) dx dy dz) from x = x1 to x2, y =y1 to y2 and z = z1 to z2 where x1,x2, y1,y2 and z1,z2 are the ends of the domain in x,y and z directions, respectively. Please let me know how to incorporate this in my solver.



duongquaphim May 13, 2013 05:26

Well the easiest solution is to sum up C1*V over the entire domain where C1 and V are the value of your variable and the cell volume.

Cheers, D

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