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Spaceprofessor May 14, 2013 04:54

sonicFoam terminal error after mapping from consistent mesh
Hi Everyone,

I am ahving a problem with a supersonic simulation. I am simulating a land speed record vehicle at roughly 1000 mph.

I have already got results over a coarse mesh, which I have successfully mapped to a more refined mesh. This completes with no errors, and viewing in paraView looks exactly the same as the source case except more refined (obviously).

My problem lies when I attempt to run sonicFoam. SonicFoam initially runs fine, then runs into a terminal error. My log files show that sonicFoam solves each of the fields until it gets to P, where it says that my solutionFv dictionary expects a scalar but instead shows "Nan".

I have spoken to my supervisor and can not figure out what this means. Any help would be very much appreciated.


Edit: I should probably mention that my residuals in the previous fields are 0.

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