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Tushar@cfd May 15, 2013 00:59

Anyone successful in solving natural convection of complex geometry (like heat transfer inside a room with a source object).

If my deltaT = 10, Pr =1-1000 and Rayleigh number > 10^5, for above mentioned geometry.

If yes, please try to share your views.. Are you getting the exact results? With exact results I mean the Gradient of Temperature at walls as compared to any journal paper (numerical study).

As per my finding it seems to me OF shows high convective dissipation as compared to other numerical simulations.

Thanks in Advance..:)

Tushar@cfd May 16, 2013 01:14

Hello Foamers....

Here is the link to one more finding by "santoo_cfd" in may 26 - 2010, while exploring the forum I came across this link...

post number #19 by "santoo_cfd"


Anyone like to comment on this???

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