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Kaskade May 16, 2013 02:18

Scaling leads to FPE
Hello everyone,

I've run into a strange problem and I'm hoping someone can help me out. I want to run a simulation using a mesh generated in Gridgen. For the conversion I use fluentMeshToFoam -scale 0.001 since I want to convert it from mm to m. When I start the simulation I get a SIG_FPE as soon as the pressure is calculated for the first time. Now the fun part: It only happens, when I scale the mesh, without scaling it runs fine at least for the first few iterations.

checkMesh output:
Checking geometry...
Overall domain bounding box (-0.85 -0.85 -0.327122) (0.85 0.85 1.3724)
Mesh (non-empty, non-wedge) directions (1 1 1)
Mesh (non-empty) directions (1 1 1)
Boundary openness (-4.51114e-18 -1.79373e-17 1.42078e-15) OK.
Max cell openness = 3.03263e-16 OK.
Max aspect ratio = 7.79845 OK.
Minimum face area = 5.55095e-07. Maximum face area = 0.00120582. Face area magnitudes OK.
Min volume = 2.75958e-10. Max volume = 1.47751e-05. Total volume = 3.55773. Cell volumes OK.
Mesh non-orthogonality Max: 62.1092 average: 19.8124
Non-orthogonality check OK.
Face pyramids OK.
Max skewness = 0.876396 OK.
Coupled point location match (average 0) OK.

Any ideas? My next step would be to set mm as unit for length in the controlDict and see what happens.



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