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AHutchison May 28, 2013 00:18

Initial Velocity Field - 2D Turbulence in a Periodic Box
Hi Foamers,

I'm trying to model the two dimensional turbulence of a fluid in a periodic box similar to this example:

I'm having trouble determining the initial conditions, at the moment I'm just trying to get a random velocity field so I can run the program and check that it works. Once I know it's working I will be looking to create an initial velocity field such as the one below, 13 seconds in:

I've had a bit of a search through the forums and found a thread which suggested using funkySetFields to create a random inital velocity field:

**EDIT** I'm also using incompressible pimpleFoam
I'm not sure how to implement this code into my program, should it be inserted into the 'U' document in the '0' file? I'm very new to this so any help no matter how basic is appreciated!

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