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jjulien June 7, 2013 03:26

interMixingFoam diverges rapidly
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Hello OpenFoam Users,

I am currently dealing with modelling the flow in a water tank, with the solvers interMixingFoam, in order to track the mixing between incoming fresh water and already existing 'aged' water in the tank.
I already run without any problems a similar rectangular case - even though it was very coarse. When it comes to this case, with the finer mesh and a different inlet velocity; interMixinFoam run for few second and aborted (diverges, crashes - whatever it is called). I attached you the case, if anyone have an idea of what could be wrong in my case; I would be very grateful. Because of size restriction, I just attach rough case. Thus one will need to run either ./Allrun or blockMesh - copy each alpha in the 0/ directory - run setFields and finally interMixingFoam

Best regards

pbarc June 18, 2013 17:11

Hey Julien,

So I ran your input files and got a similar result (OF stopped after 8.881 s). I looked at the log file and it didn't seem to give any reason as to why interMixingFoam stopped. So I just went into the controlDict and changed the start time to the last written time step (8.8 s for me) and restarted OF. The simulation seems to have restarted fine and is still running (currently at 10.5 s).

Were you getting any error messages in your log file as to why OF stopped?

Hope this helps.


vonboett June 26, 2013 05:34

Hello Julien and Paul,

I think about interMixingFoam aswell and have some doubts. So I changed it from solving for a liquid and the air to solving for the two liquids, which I think is much more accurate if you are interested mainly in the mixing and less in the surface. I included eddy diffusion aswell, the modified alphaEqns and createFields.H are here

Hope this helps. Anyone knows a test case?

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