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reichse June 17, 2013 03:25

pressure calculation SRFPimpleFoam
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Hi Foamers,

I'm studying a three bladed darrieus rotor for my thesis.
The purpose is to compare the resulting torque of the two solvers pimpleDyFoam and SRFPimpleFoam.
The results of the analysis with pimpleDyFoam are pretty good but there seems to be a problem with the pressure and so the force calulation with the SRF-method.
The resulting torque is as half as high as it should be in accordance to the sliding Mesh solution or the experimental tests. Also the plot of the resulting torque looks very unsteady, like solving a unsteady problem with a steady state solver?:

attached I provide you a plot of the Z-torque for each solution and setup for the SRF-solution (note the high frequency disturbance of the curve)...

I would be very grateful for any hints and sorry for bad englishing :)


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