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lucapapu June 24, 2013 12:12

KomegaSSTSAS 2D simulations
Does anyone have expereince in SAS 2D simulations? I made a few tests and simulating a rectangular cylinder with side ratio 4 I find that, in order to have a reasonable solution, I have to increase Cs to 0.45 which is well above the Cs used in 2D LES simulations. Is this normal?
As the KomegaSSTSAS is able to detect the resolved scales, is it safe to increase the Cs? I mean that, as far as I can understand, an excessivly high Cs will turn the model in the underlying RANS model so that the simulation will not develope the fine scales as it would do with a smaller Cs. Nevertheless, the worst I can get (still with reasonable Cs) is the k-omega model, is it right?

Thank you for you help!

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