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TReviol June 25, 2013 05:56

running utility command every timeStep
Dear Foamers,

I am running an unsteady calculation and I want to calculate the mean Stanton-Number with the mean values of some timeSteps.

My Problem is, I have to calculate the mean wallHeatFlux, or the wallHeatFlux for every timeStep. And I dont' know how to realise an automatic procedure to do this.
Is there any posibility to run the utility "wallHeatFlux" for every timeStep, e.g. via a function in the controlDict? Or does anyone know alternatives to calculate the mean wallHeatFlux?



TReviol June 25, 2013 09:21

Hello Foamers,

I found the function "systemCall" (see $FOAM_SRC/postProcessing/functionObjects/systemCall). With this function, it is possible to run the utility "wallHeatFlux" for each TimeStep.

With this function, the effort to estimate the stanton-number is very high. Does anyone know a better method?

Regards Thomas

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