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mosquera June 25, 2013 10:11

Extracting Data from Paraview

I have been tasked with modelling an experiment using openFOAM. I've been primarily working with adjusting solvers, but now I need to make a mesh.

My hope was to initialize the mesh's values using known experimental values. I have two sources with which to retrieve the values.

The first is a database with the position locations. I can read this database using paraview and so have field positions of all relevent values.

The second is a.txt file with wall-normal positions and corresponding values.

I need to extract both of these cases to foam to run the simulation. I have a mesh which corresponds to the geometry and need to use the boundary conditions. I have set up the mesh such that there are boundaries at the locations I intend to import the experimental values, but am not sure of the next step.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,


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