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VSass June 26, 2013 08:21

rhoCentralFoam / sonicFoam
Good day,

i have some questions for rhoCentralFoam as it comes to shock waves.

In case of the forward step : why the boundary values are 3 m/s , 1 Pa , 1 K ? Why do we have to use Ma instead of , let's say , 350 m/s , 1e5 Pa and 300 K ? Why the results file has only values for rhoUx,rhoUy,rhoUz,rho and not for Ux,Uy,Uz,e?


immortality June 26, 2013 12:39

I read before somewhere that the values have been normalized(I can't remember by which values) but its only a simple example too see the solver works(even not very precise results) or not not more.:D
you can change all values.feel free and see it.

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