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Phizz82 June 29, 2013 14:50

Values for nu t and nu tilda
So I am about to start using SimpleFoam for a wing in an airflow at just under 11,000m and was hoping to use the tutorial for the 2D wing as the basis for my simulation; however, having looked into how to calculate values of nu t and nu tilda for the Spalart-Allmaras model, my values for nu t and nu tilda seems to be very different from those used in the tutorial (I work out values of nu t of 2.841 x 10^-6 and nu tilda of 1.215 x 10^-5).

I am really flying pretty blind here as I am not doing this as part of any guided course! Should I continue to use values I have calculated myself or should I work with the values given and only alter the values of pressure and velocity?

PS if there is anyone willing to try and explain all this via skype or google hangout I would be really grateful. Feeling very overloaded by the amount of variety in CFD solvers!

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