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HHOS July 2, 2013 06:25

Can't run a case in HelyxOS with an imported mesh from Fluent

I have just started to use HelyxOS to see if it's worthy to get into it and use for many purposes instead of Fluent, but I'm not able even to run a simple case.

The main purpose is to do a fluent mesh and then to convert it. I have done it already and I can see it properly with paraFoam, so, the mesh is OK.

What I have is the case folder where there is:
Case Folder
polyMesh (with all the converted files)
fvSchemes (almost empty)
fvSolution (almost empty)

I load the case with HelyxOS; I see the mesh and I have access to the Case Setup tab. I set everything up and when I click on Start to run the case, this is all I get:

First it saves a lot of files related to the case setup.
Then I get:
Exception in thread "Thread-4" java.lang.NullPointerException
at eu.engys.core.project.ProjectWriter.write(ProjectW
at eu.engys.helyx.gui.Controller$ va:288)

And it gets stuck there... nothing ever happens after that.

Any advice or comment whould be very helpfull.

Thank you very much!!

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