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luftraudi July 2, 2013 19:33

interPhaseChangeFoam source terms

I tried to understand the implementation of the cavitation models using interPhaseChangeFoam in OpenFOAM. The (uncomplete) source terms for the volume fraction equation are stored in the field mDotAlpha in each model. Then the field vDotAlphal is computed in phaseChangeTwoPhaseMixture.C. This field is conform to the source term of the volume fraction transport equation except of the factor (1 - alphal) for the condensation term and alphal for vaporisation term. Then in alphaEqn.H vDotAlphal is used without the factors. I guess this is not correct.

Did I misunderstood something in the code?

Furhtermore, I am wondering about the fact, that in alphaEqn.H the condensation source term (vDotcAlphal) is used twice, as implicit source term (sp) and as explicit source term (su).

Thanks in advance,

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