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baila12 July 10, 2013 15:16

Run LTSReactingParcelFoam Solver on an Airfoil
I am trying to run the LTSReactingParcelFoam Solver on a NACA0012 Airfoil.
So far, I have created a blockMeshDict file of the airfoil that accurately generates a mesh. I modified the airFoil2D case so that the simpleFoam solver runs on the airfoil.
I have tried to modify the airFoil2D case so that the LTSReactingParcelFoam solver will run on it. I have also tried to modify the two cases this solver already runs on, the verticalChannel and counterFlowFlame2D tutorials by changing the blockMeshDict file. The modifications I made for both attempts also involved changing patch names and changing or adding files to the constant/0 directory. All resulted in a floating point exception (core dumped) error. There is a good chance I did not do these changes correctly, but I was not sure what other steps to take.
The next approach I was thinking of taking is digging into the source code of the LTSReactingParcelFoam solver and removing capabilities such as rhoCombustionModel that may make it simpler for the solver to run on the airfoil. However, this seems to be a very difficult task because of how connected all the different files and functionalities are.
I'm not sure if I'm taking the right steps, so any ideas, different approaches, or assistance of any kind would be much appreciated!

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