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yasmil July 12, 2013 08:42

lid driven cavity varying results
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I'm a beginner with OpenFOAM. I've been playing with the lid driven cavity tutorial for a while.
I've meshed the cavity with Salome in 3d and then exported to OpenFOAM. Everything works perfectly, but there are rather big differences between my results (with the 3d Salome meshes) and OpenFOAM's tutorial. Even though the graphic results are comparable, the numerical results are not.

It's obvious that meshing is responsible for this (and the fact that the frontandBack wall is not empty for me) but I did not expected the results to vary so wildly.

I even changed the empty type to wall on the openfoam tutorial and I've also added 5 cells in the Z direction on the blockMeshDict but the results are basically the same (openfoam's result tend to be around 5 for the upper pressure and mine tend to be 0.57, maybe a unit problem?).
There is also a distintinction between openfoam's pressure differences and mine (0.57, -0.49 for me and openfoam is 5.16 , -4.63, roughly).

After i exported the meshes from salome I made sure that the deltaT in my simulations used was adequate given the procedure explained on openfoam's cavity tutorial.

I was wondering if someone could offer a more detailed explanation of why this is the case, if this is important or point to some tutorials/articles or whatever about meshing for beginners.
I attach some polymesh files (hope they're useful) if someone wants to take a look.

I'd greatly appreciate your help.

yasmil July 12, 2013 09:57

seems like i got tangled because of units. everything works, thank you

gabrielmarcondes October 6, 2016 21:42

How you solved this trouble?
Can you pass to me your simulation folder ?

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