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Sliwa July 25, 2013 04:50

pipeCyclic (60) - AMI weights go down to 0
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I am having issues with cyclicAMI boundaries.

My case: I took the pipeCyclic case, and made the following changes:
- a geometry of 60 instead of 90
- a mesh generated with snappyHexMesh

I also added a createPatchDict to generate the AMIs.

The mesh I get is OK (checkMesh gives OK, and the two AMIs don't seem to have any non-overlap regions), but after running createPatch I still get weights that go down to zero.
I first thought the problem was the createPatchDict, but when I try it on the original pipeCyclic case it works just fine.

Also, the same setup for a 90 geometry (only changing the stl files in triSurface) works perfectly (all weights =1).

I attached my case here (with an Allrun script) and I would be grateful if anyone has any idea about where the problem might come from.

EDIT: this was apparently a bug, fixed in the latest 2.2x version

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