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gcengineer August 7, 2013 06:44

No div(u) in fvSchemes for basic/potentialFoam/cylinder tutorial?
I'm trying to understand the fvSchemes dictionary.

According to the OpenFOAM Programmers Guide (p. P-42,, this tutorial solves a mass conservation equation (div(U) == 0) and a pressure equation (laplacian(1,p) == 0).

When I look at the fvSchemes dictionary for this problem, I see an entry for the pressure equation in laplacianSchemes, but I don't see an entry for the mass conservation equation in divSchemes.

Why is there no entry for div(U) in divSchemes?


gcengineer August 10, 2013 00:33

mastering fvSchemes in OpenFOAM
I am also trying to master fvSchemes and would appreciate any guidance on this question.


cfdonline2mohsen August 10, 2013 08:18

Dear gcengineer
Yeah you are right.
I remember that this tutorial has some problem and does not work.
Have a look at the following thesis about fvSchemes:

1996 Error analysis and estimation in the Finite Volume method with applications to fluid flows; Professor Hrvoje Jasak, PhD

2006 The Potential of Large Eddy Simulation for the Modeling of Wall Bounded Flows Eugene de Villiers, PhD Thesis

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