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shildenbrand August 8, 2013 03:59

compressibleInterFoam diverges after restart
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Hi all,

I am running a compressibleInterFoam case starting from t=0 which seems to be running and converging nicely (see log_0.01.txt). In order to change the number of processors I stopped the simulation and made a restart. Unfortunately, after this restart I immediately get strange values of p_rgh and after a few more iterations the computation crashes (see log_cont_run.txt - I stopped before the crash occurs).
I also attached the logfile in the case I do not interrupt my computation (log_without_break.txt)

I am simulating the outflow of a liquid out of a car door sill. The viscosity of the liquid is temperature-dependant, therefore I modified compressibleInterFoam such that an additional (temperature-dependant) transport model is available.

I attached my directory - note that I use a time-dependant BC for Temperature, if I had not used it, my computation would have crashed immediately. Before I start the run I do a mapFields where I impose starting conditions for "alphawater" and "T".
My "main"-BCs are:
alphawater: constantAlphaContactAngle
p_rgh: fixedFluxPressure
p: calculated
T: uniformFixedValue
U: fixedValue

I can not post the geometry, however in case this helps, I attached a 2D-sketch of the door sill.

I hope I have supplied all necessary information to make my point - if you need more details, please tell me.

Does anyone have an idea where my mistake is?


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