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Lancester September 4, 2013 11:11

Problem with pimpleDyMFoam: Initialise steady state solution
Hello Foamer,

I succesful calculat a steady state solution of a radial fan. I used the simple-solver.
Now I like to calculate the same case with pimpleDyMFoam and so it is a transient case. I copy the last solution from simplesolver and paste it to my new pimple-case. I start my solution and it works. But when I start my solution I think only my Velocity-values are correctly read. Because My pressure Initial residuals are at the beginning at 0.99! My Ux, Uy, Uz resiudals are very low (0.00005)! Why???
Do someone knows the problem? If i calculate some timesteps and look at the solution, I can see a very good Velocity-field. My pressure field is so bad and the values increase.
Best Regards, Lancester

Lancester September 6, 2013 06:13

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I tried a lot of things but I couldn't solve the problem. I used the propeller-tutorial as model. The only different is the using of 2 AMI-Interfacs. One at the Inlet of the fan and one a the outlet.
I take a transient solutien with pimpleDyMFoam with a very low Courant-number. After one timestep I look at the solution and my pressure-variables are very high (picture). But I initalize with unifom pressure of 0.
What could the reason for this? I tried a lot a boundary conditions but nothing works. My steadyState Solution works so I'm sure my mesh is good.

coolcrasher September 29, 2015 09:49


Sorry for asking lately.

Any luck with the results ??

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