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Nazanin October 19, 2013 10:19

Kunz cofficient in InterPhasechangeFoam
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Hi Formers
I have managed to implement the interPhaseChangeFoam solver according to the project done by Martin Andersen,So i have a solver that Psat depend,I want use this solver for my case,But I dont know how modified empirical coefficients in mass transfer models.foe example if I choose Kunz model ,How determine t or Cprod or Cdest ?
If in my case,dont have velocity (all of the case U=0)? whats happen?
It means,I have a case with water and vapor and I want evaporate water with Temprature (Psat depend temp)...

mecman October 19, 2013 13:09

Hi Nazanin
for stimulation evaporate with temp,I think you should use another mass transfer model and modified the source term
you can read this page

or if you use this solver I think you should variable diffusion coefficient [DT ] based on the volume fraction of both phases.I did this work,but I have problem too. you tell good point...can we use interPhasechangeFoam solver base this phasechange model without U. as I know ,this solver for cavitation and Cavitation without U....?:confused:
you can see my thread in this page:

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