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flux October 21, 2013 03:40

compressible flow tutorial - bounded warning
Hi everyone!

I am new in CFD and OpenFoam and i've got a question:

When i'm running the following tutorial:


the terminal gives the following warning-message:


--> FOAM Warning :
From function gaussConvectionScheme
in file finiteVolume/convectionSchemes/gaussConvectionScheme/gaussConvectionScheme.H at line 123
Reading "/home/<user>/OpenFOAM/<user>-2.2.1/run/duese/processor0/../system/fvSchemes.divSchemes.div(phid,p)" at line 40
Unbounded 'Gauss' div scheme used in steady-state solver, use 'bounded Gauss' to ensure boundedness.
To remove this warning switch off 'boundedGauss' in "/opt/openfoam221/etc/controlDict"

The tutorial-case still converges. What does this warning in fact mean and what does this 'bounded' mean?

If i change the following code in fvScheme from:


div(phid,p)        Gauss upwind;
div((phi|interpolate(rho)),p) Gauss upwind;



div(phid,p)        bounded Gauss upwind;
div((phi|interpolate(rho)),p)  bounded Gauss upwind;

the warning disappears... but the case also did not converges anymore


flux October 24, 2013 04:10

Can anyone help me?

dkokron December 1, 2013 23:32

I see the same behaviour with 2.2.x

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