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Maimouna October 23, 2013 11:25

cavityClipped Compler problem

I got problem when I try icoFoam for cavittyClipped, I got this type of problem
************************************************** *******************************************
Continuity error cannot be removed by adjusting the outflow.
Please check the velocity boundary conditions and/or run potentialFoam to initialise the outflow.
Total flux : 0.0041361
Specified mass inflow : 4.90392e-05
Specified mass outflow : 4.82345e-05
Adjustable mass outflow : 0

From function adjustPhi(surfaceScalarField& phi, const volVectorField& U,const volScalarField& p
in file cfdTools/general/adjustPhi/adjustPhi.C at line 118.

FOAM exiting

************************************************** *********************************************
I don't understand what does it mean.
I checked blockMesh and it was fine.

Best regards

Artur October 24, 2013 06:02

This problem usually occurs when there is a problem with the boundary conditions definition - basically there is a net flux that cannot be balanced and so continuity equation cannot be satisfied.

Did you follow the tutorial to the letter? Are you sure the movingWall patch was not assigned a velocity component that "pumps" some fluid into your domain? Are all the stationary walls assigned a fixedValue (0 0 0) BC?

Best wishes,


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