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Kumudu October 28, 2013 12:02

Transient spacial dependent heat source

I am almost new to OpenFoam and I want to add a transient heat source to specified points on the Mesh. Actually, I am working on Ground Source heat pump simulation problem. I want to add a source term representing the U-tube in the ground. In this U-tube water is circulating and this loop extract heat from the soil where the U-tube is buried. So, I want to add a volumetric source term such that,


where, Ts is the temperature at the soil and Tf is fluid temperature. U is the overall heat transfer coefficient. This source term should coincide with the ground loop configurations. That is in the three dimensional computational domain, I have to find a points that is in a U-curve and add the above source term to the points in the U-curve.

How could I do that. Can anyone help me in this regard.


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