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mayank.dce2k7 October 30, 2013 13:20

Problem with the use of PRISM elements in OF-2.1.1
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I am doing a simple steady state simulation(simpleFoam) in single bifurcating tube using tet+prism(near the solid walls) elements. At inlet, I have specified a fully developed velocity profile.

The problem is that fully developed velocity profile gets distorted in the straight section which should not happen(as I checked it by using pure tet mesh). The distortion occurs maximum where the transition from prism layer to tet layer occurs. How can I remove this distortion?

I have created the mesh in ICEM(in fluent format) and the total height of prism layers is about 5.2% of the radius of the straight section(parent tube). My mesh contains about 1.35 million elements(which is too much for such simple geometry.). It contains about 267,115 prism elements and approx 1.1 million tet elements.

Below are the snapshots of the geometry(half geometry), inlet velocity profile and velocity profile somewhere in straight section.

mayank.dce2k7 November 1, 2013 02:16

Any thoughts? Anybody?

cosimobianchini November 2, 2013 07:08

It is probably related to the last prism/first tetra height ratio. I think you have to redo your mesh increasing total prism layer height to or reducing tetra dimensions in the vicinity of the prism layer.

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