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wolfgray April 9, 2014 07:30

Boundary Condition for Сavitating Flows
I have a problem, the calculation of the flow in a flat rectangular tube 0.3x0.03x0.008 (m) with turbulators bodies - three circular cylinder of radius 0.005 m in combination 1 + 2. This is a two-phase flow with cavitation (water and vapor).
My experimenters say that they measure the flow parameters, the pressure at the inlet and outlet and mass flow rate. It is clear, from the pressure depends on the development of cavitation, as for incompressible flow, the mass flow rate determines that Vin = Vout.
I use to solve this problem the solver interPhaseChangeFoam.
I am interested in whether all boundary conditions can have a physical solution. I am not sure particularly that there may be a slight change in the mass flow rate, output pressure change in twice.
The main question. Can I define for interPhaseChangeFoam pressure on the inlet and outlet (fixedValue), and specify a value for the velocity at the inlet (fixedValue) and output (zeroGradient) ?

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