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pyFoamPLotRunner & pimpleDyMFoam: plotting reidual by iterations, not timeStep

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Old   January 20, 2015, 13:41
Default pyFoamPLotRunner & pimpleDyMFoam: plotting reidual by iterations, not timeStep
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I'm trying to use pimpleDyMFoam; I would like to see residual by iterations.

When I use
, I obtain residual plot by time step, not by iterations; How can I plot them?
I would like to verify what is written here, case 4C2:

If I use
logs folder contains: following files:

AMIMin_0           contCumulative_46  contGlobal_39  contLocal_31     p_19          pFinalRes_11  pFinalRes_5  pIters_42     UxFinalRes_10  UxIters_4      UyFinalRes_19
contCumulative_0   contCumulative_47  contGlobal_4   contLocal_32     p_2           pFinalRes_12  pFinalRes_6  pIters_43     UxFinalRes_11  UxIters_5      UyFinalRes_2
contCumulative_1   contCumulative_48  contGlobal_40  contLocal_33     p_20          pFinalRes_13  pFinalRes_7  pIters_44     UxFinalRes_12  UxIters_6      UyFinalRes_20
contCumulative_10  contCumulative_49  contGlobal_41  contLocal_34     p_21          pFinalRes_14  pFinalRes_8  pIters_45     UxFinalRes_13  UxIters_7      UyFinalRes_21
contCumulative_11  contCumulative_5   contGlobal_42  contLocal_35     p_22          pFinalRes_15  pFinalRes_9  pIters_46     UxFinalRes_14  UxIters_8      UyFinalRes_22
contCumulative_12  contCumulative_6   contGlobal_43  contLocal_36     p_23          pFinalRes_16  pIters_0     pIters_47     UxFinalRes_15  UxIters_9      UyFinalRes_23
contCumulative_13  contCumulative_7   contGlobal_44  contLocal_37     p_24          pFinalRes_17  pIters_1     pIters_48     UxFinalRes_16  Uy_0           UyFinalRes_24
contCumulative_14  contCumulative_8   contGlobal_45  contLocal_38     p_25          pFinalRes_18  pIters_10    pIters_49     UxFinalRes_17  Uy_1           UyFinalRes_3
contCumulative_15  contCumulative_9   contGlobal_46  contLocal_39     p_26          pFinalRes_19  pIters_11    pIters_5      UxFinalRes_18  Uy_10          UyFinalRes_4
contCumulative_16  contGlobal_0       contGlobal_47  contLocal_4      p_27          pFinalRes_2   pIters_12    pIters_6      UxFinalRes_19  Uy_11          UyFinalRes_5
contCumulative_17  contGlobal_1       contGlobal_48  contLocal_40     p_28          pFinalRes_20  pIters_13    pIters_7      UxFinalRes_2   Uy_12          UyFinalRes_6
contCumulative_18  contGlobal_10      contGlobal_49  contLocal_41     p_29          pFinalRes_21  pIters_14    pIters_8      UxFinalRes_20  Uy_13          UyFinalRes_7
contCumulative_19  contGlobal_11      contGlobal_5   contLocal_42     p_3           pFinalRes_22  pIters_15    pIters_9      UxFinalRes_21  Uy_14          UyFinalRes_8
contCumulative_2   contGlobal_12      contGlobal_6   contLocal_43     p_30          pFinalRes_23  pIters_16    Separator_0   UxFinalRes_22  Uy_15          UyFinalRes_9
contCumulative_20  contGlobal_13      contGlobal_7   contLocal_44     p_31          pFinalRes_24  pIters_17    Time_0        UxFinalRes_23  Uy_16          UyIters_0
contCumulative_21  contGlobal_14      contGlobal_8   contLocal_45     p_32          pFinalRes_25  pIters_18    Ux_0          UxFinalRes_24  Uy_17          UyIters_1
contCumulative_22  contGlobal_15      contGlobal_9   contLocal_46     p_33          pFinalRes_26  pIters_19    Ux_1          UxFinalRes_3   Uy_18          UyIters_10
contCumulative_23  contGlobal_16      contLocal_0    contLocal_47     p_34          pFinalRes_27  pIters_2     Ux_10         UxFinalRes_4   Uy_19          UyIters_11
contCumulative_24  contGlobal_17      contLocal_1    contLocal_48     p_35          pFinalRes_28  pIters_20    Ux_11         UxFinalRes_5   Uy_2           UyIters_12
contCumulative_25  contGlobal_18      contLocal_10   contLocal_49     p_36          pFinalRes_29  pIters_21    Ux_12         UxFinalRes_6   Uy_20          UyIters_13
contCumulative_26  contGlobal_19      contLocal_11   contLocal_5      p_37          pFinalRes_3   pIters_22    Ux_13         UxFinalRes_7   Uy_21          UyIters_14
contCumulative_27  contGlobal_2       contLocal_12   contLocal_6      p_38          pFinalRes_30  pIters_23    Ux_14         UxFinalRes_8   Uy_22          UyIters_15
contCumulative_28  contGlobal_20      contLocal_13   contLocal_7      p_39          pFinalRes_31  pIters_24    Ux_15         UxFinalRes_9   Uy_23          UyIters_16
contCumulative_29  contGlobal_21      contLocal_14   contLocal_8      p_4           pFinalRes_32  pIters_25    Ux_16         UxIters_0      Uy_24          UyIters_17
contCumulative_3   contGlobal_22      contLocal_15   contLocal_9      p_40          pFinalRes_33  pIters_26    Ux_17         UxIters_1      Uy_3           UyIters_18
contCumulative_30  contGlobal_23      contLocal_16   CourantMax_0     p_41          pFinalRes_34  pIters_27    Ux_18         UxIters_10     Uy_4           UyIters_19
contCumulative_31  contGlobal_24      contLocal_17   CourantMax_1     p_42          pFinalRes_35  pIters_28    Ux_19         UxIters_11     Uy_5           UyIters_2
contCumulative_32  contGlobal_25      contLocal_18   CourantMean_0    p_43          pFinalRes_36  pIters_29    Ux_2          UxIters_12     Uy_6           UyIters_20
contCumulative_33  contGlobal_26      contLocal_19   CourantMean_1    p_44          pFinalRes_37  pIters_3     Ux_20         UxIters_13     Uy_7           UyIters_21
contCumulative_34  contGlobal_27      contLocal_2    executionTime_0  p_45          pFinalRes_38  pIters_30    Ux_21         UxIters_14     Uy_8           UyIters_22
contCumulative_35  contGlobal_28      contLocal_20   foamLog.awk      p_46          pFinalRes_39  pIters_31    Ux_22         UxIters_15     Uy_9           UyIters_23
contCumulative_36  contGlobal_29      contLocal_21   p_0              p_47          pFinalRes_4   pIters_32    Ux_23         UxIters_16     UyFinalRes_0   UyIters_24
contCumulative_37  contGlobal_3       contLocal_22   p_1              p_48          pFinalRes_40  pIters_33    Ux_24         UxIters_17     UyFinalRes_1   UyIters_3
contCumulative_38  contGlobal_30      contLocal_23   p_10             p_49          pFinalRes_41  pIters_34    Ux_3          UxIters_18     UyFinalRes_10  UyIters_4
contCumulative_39  contGlobal_31      contLocal_24   p_11             p_5           pFinalRes_42  pIters_35    Ux_4          UxIters_19     UyFinalRes_11  UyIters_5
contCumulative_4   contGlobal_32      contLocal_25   p_12             p_6           pFinalRes_43  pIters_36    Ux_5          UxIters_2      UyFinalRes_12  UyIters_6
contCumulative_40  contGlobal_33      contLocal_26   p_13             p_7           pFinalRes_44  pIters_37    Ux_6          UxIters_20     UyFinalRes_13  UyIters_7
contCumulative_41  contGlobal_34      contLocal_27   p_14             p_8           pFinalRes_45  pIters_38    Ux_7          UxIters_21     UyFinalRes_14  UyIters_8
contCumulative_42  contGlobal_35      contLocal_28   p_15             p_9           pFinalRes_46  pIters_39    Ux_8          UxIters_22     UyFinalRes_15  UyIters_9
contCumulative_43  contGlobal_36      contLocal_29   p_16             pFinalRes_0   pFinalRes_47  pIters_4     Ux_9          UxIters_23     UyFinalRes_16
contCumulative_44  contGlobal_37      contLocal_3    p_17             pFinalRes_1   pFinalRes_48  pIters_40    UxFinalRes_0  UxIters_24     UyFinalRes_17
contCumulative_45  contGlobal_38      contLocal_30   p_18             pFinalRes_10  pFinalRes_49  pIters_41    UxFinalRes_1  UxIters_3      UyFinalRes_18
how can I plot them?

attached one running example..
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Screenshot - 01202015 - 10:45:20 PM.jpg (23.5 KB, 13 views)

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