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vishwesh October 9, 2017 00:19

Particle Count zero and lagrangian files not formed

I have made a new solver for converting VOF to LPT in runtime. Now, the solver is able to detect the droplets to convert to LPT and is even tracking them as the log file shows below: (I am using manual injection)


Solving 3-D cloud kinematicCloud

Cloud: kinematicCloud injector: model1
    Added 2 new parcels

Cloud: kinematicCloud
    Current number of parcels      = 2
    Current mass in system          = 4.13316e-05
    Linear momentum                = (-6.3085e-14 -3.97964e-09 6.25146e-14)
  |Linear momentum|                = 3.97964e-09
    Linear kinetic energy          = 1.91614e-13
        number of parcels added    = 2
        mass introduced            = 4.13316e-05
    Parcel fate (number, mass)
      - escape                      = 0, 0
      - stick                      = 0, 0

But, when I check cloudProperties file, all processors show particle count 0.

Maybe because of this reason, no Lagrangian files - positions, U, Unorm, diameter, etc. are being formed.

Can anyone help me out with this please?


vishwesh October 9, 2017 00:50

Okay some updates:

1. There are some files which do have particle count 1;
2. Positions, U, Unorm, diameter, etc. files are produced only after reconstructPar.

Now, my problem is, if everything is right, then why reconstructPar is not forming lagrangian files?

Any clue?

vishwesh October 9, 2017 01:04

It was reconstruction issue only. Resolved now


missios October 24, 2017 03:55

Hallo vishwesh,
I have the same problem. Could you explain me how did you solve it ?
Thanks in advance!

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