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Raza Javed April 9, 2019 11:27

chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam Compilation Error
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I am trying to run chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam for my problem. I have created it's geometry and mesh in Salome. After that, I imported the UNV file in OpenFoam4 and Meshed it using IdeasUnvToFoam utility. It was successfully completed without errors.

My geometry consists of three solid regions. Hot_box, cold_box, and Rod.

both these boxes are connected using the Rod between them. And I am trying to simulate the heat transfer from the Hot_box to cold_box. The figure of the mesh and geometry is attached.

After modifying the case directories according to my problem, When I run the Allrun command it gives the following error.


Solving for solid region Hot_box

cannot be called for a calculatedFvPatchField
    on patch room of field h in file "/home/openfoam/run/heatTest/0/Hot_box/h"
    You are probably trying to solve for a field with a default boundary condition.

    From function Foam::tmp<Foam::Field<Type> > Foam::calculatedFvPatchField<Type>::gradientInternalCoeffs() const [with Type = double]
    in file fields/fvPatchFields/basic/calculated/calculatedFvPatchField.C at line 187.

FOAM aborting

I am unable to understand the error. Can someone help me out in this?

Thank you

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pete20r2 April 9, 2019 21:31

Post the rest of your case, 0, system and constant. Mesh should be small enough to post.

Raza Javed April 10, 2019 02:50

Thank you so much for your reply.

I had some mistake in writing the dictionary file for one of my regions in system folder. After rectifying it, the simulation is now running.

Now i am doing post-processing in paraview.

Thank you

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