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Pavithra October 2, 2019 01:17

Complex velocity boundary condition
Hello Everyone,

I want to implement the following boundary condition on the horizontal walls of a 2-D square cavity.

\beta \frac{du_x}{dy} = (1-\beta)u_x

u_y = 0

The value of \beta varies from 0 to 1 in steps of 0.25.

I understand that when \beta = 0, the boundary condition becomes u_x = 0 and u_y = 0.

Also, when \beta = 1, the boundary condition becomes \frac{du_x}{dy} = 0 and u_y = 0.

I am able to achieve the above two cases using directionMixed boundary condition.

But I am unable to figure out how to set the boundary condition when \beta takes a value such as 0.25, 0.5 or 0.75.

For instance, when \beta = 0.25, it becomes \frac{du_x}{dy}=3u_x.

Kindly please give me some directions to implement this boundary condition.

Thank You.

With Thanks

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