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fumachi January 11, 2020 13:13

Multiphase solidification + gravity + conduction and convection
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Hi everyone,

I knew OpenFOAM about 3 weeks ago and is very confused to me, yet.

I've installed BlueCFD which contains OF-5x.

My problem is related to study microstructure of PbSn eutectic alloy under microgravity and 1g. I have real samples for both cases and I've studied using MEV/FEG.

I want compare simulations with my results.


1 - How to simulate 3 phases (Pb, Sn and PbSn)?
2 - How to put phases in a mesh? (in real case I put a piece of pure Pb and a piece of pure Sn into glass container and melt it. Slowly decrease temperature until solidification finish);
3 - Under microgravity environment the microstructure formed is soft oval shape and under 1g, exists an alternated stripes of PbSn (Pb, Sn, Pb, Sn, ...)
4 - In OF, should I melt Pb and Sn to form PbSn mushy or use PbSn melted? (Entire process has a time about 15 minutes but in simulation)
5 - Could I put chemical reactions for another chemistry elements?
6 - which solver is best for this approach?

I think it's all

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