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stamufa February 6, 2020 10:49

Wall Film Region for reactingParcelFoam

For use with the surface film models, a extrudeToRegionMesh is usually performed. This generates a 2-D mesh with a small extrude in the normal direction where the surface film is computed.

The extrudeToRegionMesh tool currently generates two patches: the region0To..<regionName> which is the mappedWall face that represents the actual patches and a <regionName>_top which is the patch on the top end after the extrude is performed.

For those familiar with this, is it necessary that the <regionName>_top patch is physically on top? The patch in my case seems to be extruded into the geometry but is still delivering results. Doing flipNormals true; in the extrudeToMeshDict did not change the extruded patch.


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