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nwpusunjie March 25, 2020 03:58

reactingFoam with adpative mesh
Hi everyone,
I am new to learn OpenFoam. I want to simulate the combustion process of H2/Air using reactingFoam. Due to the appending of detonation wave, high gridient happened. I used the adaptive mesh in order to distinguish the detonation wave better and added the dynamicMeshDict file into the system files. But it seems that the dynamicMeshDict not be used during the solving process. There are no errors and the results is same as which not used adaptive mesh. I am looking forward to your help. Thanks a lot.

hofbeer May 29, 2020 01:31

You need to use reactingDyMFoam for dealing with dynamic mesh.
Also, even if "DyM" is not implemented on some default solvers, you can modify normal solver to "DyM" solver without difficulties.

I recommend you some AMR library, which is quite sophisticated.


mactone September 9, 2022 00:01

Will the reactingDyMFoam work more efficient tha reactingFoam?

I suppose it can run with coarser grid at the start. It shall be easier to setup. Right?

Could you share the dynamicMeshDict?

Thank you.

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