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yek_irani April 30, 2020 17:19

List of valid field names for use as fieldAverages and Probes

OpenFoam has function objects "fieldAverage" and "probes" to calculate and sample field data during a calculation. I use examples I have seen on certain webpages, e.g.

In order to leverage these functions, one needs to know in advance the valid field names which the functions can interpret. For example, in the case of the fieldAverage function, the example I cite employs the fields p, U, p_rgh for which data files such as pMean, pPrime2Mean, UMean, UPrime2Mean, etc.. are created.

Where can I find a helpfully descriptive and comprehensive list of the possible field value names (i.e. other than p, U, p_rgh) valid for openFOAM v1912?

For the fieldAverage function, where can I find useful documentation which explains how I can use the line items:

base <time|iter>;
// Averaging window
window 10;

What are the "optional entries"?

Thank you for your help.

yek_irani May 1, 2020 07:51

I found this piece of source code which describes some aspects of the quetion I am asking above:

JulioPieri July 27, 2022 13:31

I know this is an old thread, but the solution is using the banana trick:

solverName-postProcess -func "writeObjects(banana)"

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