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spkumar October 7, 2020 07:16

Adding helium gas into shock tube driver section
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Hi all,

I am solving a detonation problem in a shock tube. For that, I am using Hydrogen-Oxygen reaction mechanism from chemFoam tutorial. This reaction mechanism involves 10 species and 27 reactions.

I want to introduce Helium gas into the driver section of the shock tube. Basically, I am adding a new species into the multi species reactive system. The following changes that I have made to the test case:

1. Copied the "He" thermodynamics data from etc/thermoData/thermoData
2. Added the thermo data in the constant/thermo.compressibleGas
3. Added "He" in the 'elements' and 'species' section of the constant/reactions file.
4. added Helium in the time directory

I am following this paper to validate my solver: I think there is no requirement of communicating Helium gas information added to the reaction set which I can see from the reaction mechanism mentioned in the paper. Then, How it is going to act like safer system (inert gas addition) ?

I have attached a png file which has terminal message. I was not able rectify the issue. do I need to make any changes to resolve IO Error? Could you please give any suggestions ?

Thanks & Regards

dasith0001 December 7, 2021 23:55

Hi SpKumar,

Could you please share the 'thermophysicalProperties' data used for He ?

I am running a simple heat transfer model with He as the convective medium.

Thank you

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