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gowthaman April 27, 2021 08:09

OpenFOAM parallelization error - local length error
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Hi All,
I'm having issues with foam-extend-4.0 when I run cases on the cluster. My solver compiles successfully and the case runs on a single processor. When I submit the job with multiple nodes, the cases usually runs but many a time also fail with an error stating, "rc_verbs_iface.c:64 send completion with error: local length error". Since it fails randomly, I assume it has to be an issue with either the way I compile foam-extend or with the openmpi. I tried looking up for this but I couldn't resolve this yet. Since my programming skills are limited, I would really appreciate if you have any suggestions that might fix this issue.

I have attached the bashrc and files that I've used to compile foam-extend in the cluster. P.S. I tried compiling with different options and since the jobs fail randomly, it is difficult to say if the compilation worked or not until the jobs fail eventually.

Thanks in advance for your time and help :)

johanesp November 23, 2021 12:54

I have the exact same problem! I am running parallel cases on a cluster at my univeristy, and this error comes up at seemingly rendom times. Sometimes the simulation runs, sometimes it doesn't. Let me know if you figure this one out!

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