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orbitaljet August 15, 2021 06:33

Continue OpenFoam parallel run with different number of processors
Hi all. I am running a large case on a cluster. I have a job completed on 16 cores up to a timestep of 10000s. I have reconstructed the data using reconstructPar and deleted all the processor directories (processor0, processor1...).

How do I continue the job to a timestep of 20000s using 32 cores instead?

This is my script:


decomposePar -force
mpirun -np 16 renumberMesh -overwrite -parallel
mpirun -np 16 overPimpleDyMFoam -parallel | tee log.solver

I have edited the controlDict to start from the latestTime and the decomposeParDict has been changed for 32 processors now. After the decomposePar command, do I need to renumber the mesh again with 32 cores before running the solver itself?

Tobermory August 16, 2021 03:53

From a quick look at the source code (, I don't see any reference to the number of processors in the run in the coding, so I don't think that the way you have decomposed the problem matters. Instead, the utility is used to make the LDU matrix addressing more efficient - see eg this post.

orbitaljet August 16, 2021 23:18

Great, just needed some confirmation before submitting the job. Thank you!

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