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kian March 13, 2009 11:45

Hello, I have two questions

I have two questions:
1-I have set floatTransfer 0, and my parallel run still crashes, just at a later time compared to floatTransfer 1. The serial run doesn't crash. What parameters do I have to set to make it like the serial?
2-On the cluster that I'm using, there's a system wide installation of openfoam, (I have my own derived classes) and the etc/controlDict is read-only. How can I override that?

Many thanks,

Kian Mehravaran

mattijs March 16, 2009 17:28

1. usually flags a marginal case. The solvers do not precondition across processor boundaries so behave slightly different from running non-parallel. Try tightening solver tolerances and see if that makes a difference. floatTransfer will loose some precision so makes a marginal case worse.

2. copy the contents of the OpenFOAM-1.5/etc directory to ~/.OpenFOAM/1.5 and make your changes there (such that you have ~/.OpenFOAM/1.5/controlDict). This is the alternative location where OpenFOAM looks for its startup files.

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