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kathrin_kissling February 26, 2009 09:29

Dear Foamers, at the moment
Dear Foamers,

at the moment I'm playing around with the bubbleInterTrackFoam solver. I figured out different things like the mrfProperties dictionary and files about the centre of the bubble.
Unfortunately I'm stuck now. After running some time steps I get a segmentation fault. I figured out that it appears in the subroutine freeSurface::moveMeshPointsForOldFreeSurfDisplacem ent()
meshMotionSolver().motionU().boundaryField()[aPatchID()] ==

I think it should be something pretty easy, but I cannot find the mistake I'm making.

As a second question. Has anybody references on the lambdaFf and lambdaF0 values? What are they standing for? I'm sure its somewhere in the sourcecode. Im really stuck.

Thanks for your help!


ztukovic February 27, 2009 04:57

Dear Kathrin, I am author o
Dear Kathrin,

I am author of this solver and I have version which works. If you are really interested, give me your e-mail addres and I will send you a copy.

You can read about lambdaFf and lambdaF0 in

Zeljko Tukovic

asaha February 27, 2009 08:02

Hello Zeljko Tukovic, I wou
Hello Zeljko Tukovic,

I would appreciate if you can also send a copy of the above solver at this email

Thanks and regards,

A A Saha.

gwierink March 12, 2009 15:32

Hi everyone, I would like t
Hi everyone,

I would like to try some simulations with bubbleInterTrackFoam. Where can I find this solver and is there a tutorial case? At the moment I use OF-1.5, do I need OF-1.5-dev for bubbleInterTrackFoam?

Thanks in advance!

Rgds, Gijs

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