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mkraposhin March 9, 2009 04:22

Dear FOAM'ers, do anyone know
Dear FOAM'ers, do anyone know about steady state velocity - pressure coupling algo for all mach number (or for Ma>0.3)?

In literature, i found, that for Ma > 0.3 pressure equation becomes convective-diffusive.

After looking to OpenFOAM sources i understand that all of them implements only transient algo for pressure equation of form
ddt(psi*p) + div(psi*U*p) - laplacian(rho/A * p) = 0

Trying to use relaxation technique for equation
div(psi*U*p) - laplacian(rho/A * p) gave nothing
(solution diverges)

The only way i found is algo in rhoPimpleFoam, but it is still affected by Co number...

any help or suggestions appreciated

many thanks

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