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bastil February 10, 2009 18:03

Hi FOAMERS, I am currently

I am currently doing some numerical studies and I have some questions about the 1.5 GAMG:

1. Is it still possible to specify maximum iteration number as for amg before? Default seems to be 1000 which takes years....

2. I sometimes see a run switching from less than 20 to 1000 GAMG iterations from one iteration to the next (simpleFoam) WHat can this be caused by? Initial and final residuals look very similar.

Thanks BastiL

bastil March 2, 2009 03:59

A pity, nobody seems to know t
A pity, nobody seems to know this? Do I have to edit the source for this? The first topic is still of interest for me.


vinz March 2, 2009 04:21

Hello Bastil, For point 1,
Hello Bastil,

For point 1, normaly specifying "maxIter N;" in your fvSOlution file works even with GAMG. At least, it works for me.
For point 2, I would say that your simulation is simply blowing up, which is shown by the large differences in behaviour you noticed.



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