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chris_scheit February 27, 2009 10:56

Hi, I'm trying to run a aer

I'm trying to run a aerodynamic simulation using a model of a real car. I generate the mesh using snappyHexMesh, but while for a very coarse refinment
everything works, using a finer refinment level snappyHexMesh starts to mesh also inside. Since I have several STL-files, I also can not repair the mesh using admesh.
No I tried to run the simulation anyway, imagining that it will work but just generate "to much" elements (also inside the car). But when I run the problem using turbFoam it does not converge. The residual for the velocity are going up. I'm using a velocity field initialized with potentialFoam which still worked.
1) Is it a serious problem, that also inside the car a mesh is generated (except overhead)
2) If not, what to do in order to reach convergence?

PS: I'm using k-eps-modell with wall function, the Reynolds-Number is about 1 000 000 (rough guess)

Thanks in advance,


lord_kossity February 27, 2009 11:31

Hi Christoph, it seems like
Hi Christoph,

it seems like you have at least one gap between your different stl-files. Thats why your real car gets also meshed on the inside. - Try to avoid that!

I don't think it makes any sense to start a turbFoam computation as long as you don't have a suitable mesh. What my experience told me is that turbFoam is really dependent on mesh quality!


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