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wizard1301 February 25, 2009 06:04

Hi, I would like to perform s
I would like to perform simulations of multiphase combustion (something similar to diesel spray), using Eulerian approch to describe the condensed phase (fuel droplets). Where should I start?


flying June 23, 2009 10:09

Hey Antonio!

I am also interested in the using LES approach instead of the RANS one to simulate the diesel spray.

But it is very sad that I am not sure about how to solve "Y" because I don't know the equation when I choose LES. I used the method as below to solve the Y, but I am not sure about it. Would you like to help me to make sure the method?

fvm::ddt(rho, Yi)
+ mvConvection->fvmDiv(phi, Yi)
- fvm::laplacian(turbulence->muEff(), Yi)
// + kappa*chemistry.RR(i),

In fact, There is no combustion in my case, so I didn't care about the chemistry and I delete "kappa*chemistry.RR(i)".If I care about the Chemistry, how do treat the term of "kappa*chemistry.RR(i)", which is generated in the RAS?

Thanks and best regards

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