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flavio_pergolesi February 22, 2009 14:37

Greetings to the whole communi
Greetings to the whole community,

I'm running simulation on a confined swirling flow and I'd like to see the effect of the modification of the standard k-epsilon model in order to take account of the swirl.
Most of the several modification that can be found in literature either introduce a source term in the epsilon equation, or modify the coefficients in the epsilon transport equation using a non-dimensional parameter Richardson number.

My problem is that I don't exactly know how to implement the calculation of this parameter in the k-eps.C file, and I would like someone to address me with basic suggestions so that I can save part of my time avoiding stupid mistakes.

The formulation that I decided to implement is:

Richardson N. = 2*w*ddr(w/r)/((ddr(u))^2+

where w: tangential (azimuthal) velocity
ddr: derivative with respect to radius

Thanks in advance for any suggestion/input/whatever.



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