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csedwar February 21, 2009 22:35

I am fundamentally trying to c
I am fundamentally trying to construct a large pipe (full 360 degrees) with a small inlet in the center and want to make sure I understand the right type of boundary condition to use. I am looking at how radially spreading flow behaves so this needs to be a full 360 degree geometry.

I need this to be an axisymmetric geometry and currently I have a 5 degree wedge constructed and have solved several cases. In this case the appropriate sides of the geometry are the "wedge" boundary condition and the "axis" is symmetry. I am not convinced that this does the full 360 degree problem...and it seems like it is only solving for the 5 degree wedge.

I found another boundary type "cyclic" but I am not sure what the difference is and how these two different boundary conditions behave. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.


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