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ntrask January 27, 2009 12:51

I'm running a 2D axial symmetr
I'm running a 2D axial symmetric case in rasInterFoam right now of a coaxial fuel injector. I'm getting seemingly random spurts of k and epsilon that shoot out of the symmetry axis and then die down. They form about 8 diameters downstream of the nozzle. Does anyone have experience with something like this? My boundary conditions are correct and the simulation runs fine with turbulence off. I'm using kEpsilon and wedge boundary conditions on the two planes.


kcjarvis56 January 28, 2009 00:24

I had strange results on an ax
I had strange results on an axial symmetrical case where the symmetrical axis patch type was set to symmetryPlane. Without particle injection the case seamed to give reasonable results. Once the particle were injected all the particles collected on the symmetry axis.

Changing the axis plane patch to empty cleared up the issues. It was not clear in any of the documentation (I have access to) that the axis of symmetry should have an empty patch type.

I know it is a stab in the dark but thought it might help.


hamcer February 15, 2009 14:09

Hi foamers! I'm simulating a
Hi foamers!
I'm simulating a case of a injercteur (axisymmetric) of a Pelton turbine with a flow twophasique water + air with the RANS turbulence model,
in other words, can I find a solver that treats the flow inside the nozzle and the flow twophasic outside of this injector at the same time, if there is someone who can help me for this,
I would be very grateful.

ntrask February 15, 2009 20:05

Take a look at rasInterFoam an
Take a look at rasInterFoam and the dambreak tutorial.

On a related note, I noticed that the solver uses turbulence models that assume a constant density (clearly not applicable for two-phase flow). Does anyone have insight toward why that may be?


hamcer February 16, 2009 05:40

thank you Nak ! I investigate
thank you Nak !
I investigated the rasInterFoam tuturail, in fact it speaks about twophasique at 0 velocity, in addition it is not axisymmetric.
I do'nt know if there is something that speak about the flow inside of a cylindrical duct and jet at the same time with the RANS model.

Thank you again

ntrask February 16, 2009 11:17

You will want to use the rasIn
You will want to use the rasInterFoam solver but create your own case. Take a look at the user guide to see how to change boundary conditions. lesInterFoam has a 2d axial symmetric mesh that you can take a look at.

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