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regoog February 7, 2009 14:07

Hi All! I'm new in OpenFOAM
Hi All!

I'm new in OpenFOAM and I try to understand what the system of equations you used in tutorials/bubbleFoam. I try to reconstruct it use instructions (write in ProgrammersGuide) from /.../applications/solvers/multiphase/bubbleFoam/bubbleFoam.C, but I couldn't receive full system of equations with boundary (I look it in /.../tutorials/bubbleFoam/bubbleColumn/constant).
I would like to now what the physical problem you model in example bubbleFoam.

faithfully yours

sachin February 9, 2009 01:27

Hello I could'nt get what yo
I could'nt get what you meant
Did you mean you edited your solver and tried to run it again ...
well did you do wmake after editing

one more thing if you are changing the solver just copy-paste the solver in <user>/application folder and do wmake
this might help

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