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harly February 6, 2009 19:58

Hi, I am simulating laminar

I am simulating laminar flow around a sphere (Re = 50 - 300) and I was wondering if someone has done a similar computation as well.
My Problem is that I am getting a very good looking pressureplot, but my Drag is just too high.

If someone has a case setup that produces confirmed lift and drag values for whatever shaped object (2D or 3D) in OF 1.5 I would be very interested, because I don't seem to get it to work properly.

I pretty much read through the "Lift/Drag in 1.5" Thread but I am open for any suggestion.

the Data right now is:

Diameter: 1m
nu 1.5e-05

type forces;
functionObjectLibs (""); //Lib to load
patches (sphere_GmshSphere); // change to your patch name
rhoInf 1.22; //Reference density for fluid
CofR (0 0 0); //Origin for moment calculations
type forceCoeffs;
functionObjectLibs ("");
patches (sphere_GmshSphere); //change to your patch name
rhoInf 1.22;
CofR (0 0 0);
liftDir (0 1 0);
dragDir (1 0 0);
pitchAxis (0 0 0);
magUInf 0.000753;
lRef 1;
Aref 0.785398;

Hope you can help me somehow...

Thanks a lot
- harly

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