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titio February 6, 2009 13:56

Hi everybody, I am using Op
Hi everybody,

I am using OpenFoam to solve a flow problem where the oldroyd derivative (Time convected derivative) has to be taken into account. In it there are two terms, tensor*grad(u) and Grad(Transpose U)*Tensor, where I am having problems. Tensor is a tensorial field and U is the velocity.

For the first term was reprented in the formm tensor & fvc::grad(U). It worked. However, for the second term if I represent it in the form fvc::grad(U.T()) & tensor, it does not work.

What am I doing wrong? Should I define the transpose before aplying the fvc?

António Martins

mathieu February 6, 2009 15:28

Hi ! Are you sure your term
Hi !

Are you sure your term is not transpose(grad(U)). If it is the case, then use the following code:

volTensorField gradU = fvc::grad(U);

//First term:
(tensor & gradU)

//Second term:
(gradU.T() & tensor)


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