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wes February 14, 2008 09:47

Hi Every one, I have inter
Hi Every one,

I have interest to model a Steam Injector using OpenFOAM. However, I am not sure if it has that capability.

The steam injector is a passive jet pump (with no moving parts) that has various applications, and currently, widely investigated in the nuclear industry (see its historical development as well as recent work

Essentially, a motive fluid (steam) from a high pressure vessel is released and passes through a nozzle supersonically and expands into a mixing chamber while entraining a working fluid (water or slurry) in the form of a jet before it breaks up and vaporises due to momentuum and heat energy transfer - forming a two-phase or dispered flow.
The two-phase system (condensing steam, vaporising water) finally passes through a diffuser throat as liquid.

The process involves both compressible flow (supersonic steam) and incompresible fluids (water), a water jet breakup, phase change of both water and steam.

Does OpenFOAM has such supersonic two-phase flow modelling capability at present? or
Is it potentially extendable to address such problems (for example, including scramjet fuel injection under cross flow ?)

I will appreciate your advice, specially commenting past experiences and more importantly the best place to start in investigating OpenFOAM so that I can spend some time on it.

Many thanks in advance


engs0226 May 2, 2008 12:19

Hi, Wes It is nice to see y
Hi, Wes

It is nice to see you put the case here. I will have a look into it.


vishal October 2, 2008 08:52

Hi, its nice to see your inte
its nice to see your interesting upload

thanks, i would definately love to see it


aunola October 2, 2008 09:25

This would be very interesting
This would be very interesting for me as well. I am faced with a problem that involves transient compressible/incompressible flow with phase change (condensation) and velocities from 0 to supersonic.

Currently, I have not used the multiphase solvers already included in OpenFOAM. I suspect we will not find a solver that can handle these problems:

schmidt_d October 2, 2008 10:14

Wes, I model flashing flow wi
I model flashing flow with an in-house code built from openFoam.

S. Gopalakrishnan and David P. Schmidt, "A Computational Study of Flashing Flow in Fuel Injector Nozzles," SAE Congress, Detroit, Paper 2008-01-0141, 2008.

The code handles condensation in an ad-hoc way, assuming it is just flashing in reverse. I've tried simulating a condensing jet pump, but the code isn't quite ready for it. Let's stay in touch, because over the next year or so, this is something that I want to get working.

mahaputra February 6, 2009 13:18

Hei Martin Aunskjaer im new
Hei Martin Aunskjaer

im newbie on OpenFOAM

i also have same problem with you.

im working on multiphase of CO2 and H20, and trying to condense (phase change) the water vapour by the cooling tubes.

could you please guide me to solve these, and how to make our own solver for my case?

i didnt find until now any right solver for my case


Nugroho Adi

WesMaru August 12, 2009 08:13

Supersonic two-phase flow with phase change
Dear all,

Many thanks for your interest in the question I posted (as guest) few months back.

Appologies that I didn't follow it up to see your timely responses. In particular, I would like to thank David Schmidt for the reference material. I have also read your recent publication on Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 32 (2009) 32153222. It has some useful ideas. We are making progress but we are not yet where we wnated to be.

Our approach follows an Eulerian-Eulerian multifluid model, including jet-break-up under flashing conditions.

I will be happy to hear from you all.

Best Regards,

ssyadav September 10, 2015 07:54

Supersonic Two Phase Flows with Phase change
Is it possible to simulate compressible (supersonic) two phase flows with phase change using OpenFOAM? The physical problem we want to simulate is the supersonic flow of CO2 in an ejector which will suck liquid CO2. Mixing and phase change will happen in the ejector throat. Any progress happened in OpenFOAM in this regard?


ilfrance90 April 26, 2016 07:21

Dear ssyadav,

I'm very interested in CO2 supersonic ejector with phase change. Have you found a solution for your problem using OpenFOAM or any other open-source/commercial software?
At the present moment I'm using ANSYS Fluent with lack of good results.

Please let me know if you made any progress.

Best Regards,


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